Environmental Charter


The Beau Rivage has just obtained the Green Key certification thanks to the implementation of targeted eco-responsible actions. The hotel and the Beau Rivage Beach have thus simultaneously obtained the precious Green Key label for sustainable tourism.

Antoine Attia, CEO of the Beau Rivage Hotel and Beach, says: " We are fully aware of our role and mission. We are only temporary actors during our life on earth. When we are entrusted with a concession or even when we are the owners of an asset that passes through time, we must be able to integrate that it is a great responsibility that is entrusted to us and that it belongs to our temporality, to the duration of our life on earth.

We will bequeath the fruits of our labour to future generations, and we must respect this honour. We are contributing our stone to a building that belongs to humanity and even more to life and nature. So it is with humility, strength and courage that we must surpass ourselves and contribute, each at our humble level, to the improvement and continuity of our mother, our history, our environment and the planet that shelters us: Our Blue Planet... the Earth. "

Here we present you with all our commitments to environmental protection  

Our Charter

Photo - Environmental Charter Logo Hotel BeauRivage DD